Indoor mirrors the basics.

Mainly mirrors are used to reduce collisions in indoor parking lots, building corridors or as a means of surveillance in stores.

Round mirrors such as the dome, half-dome or quarter dome distorts vision more than flat mirrors (M64). Round mirrors offer the advantage of a wide viewing angle. However, the observed parts are smaller and distorted. It is preferable to opt for the larger models in order to obtain a better vision of cars or people. Let’s say that for moving vehicles this problem is more important than for corridors where people move slowly.

It is preferable to choose the M64 model and to select 26, 30- or 36-inch mirrors. Objects are easier to distinguish. It is also important to consider the clientele; some people have difficulty with their visions. This must be taken into account if you want to reduce the number of collisions in public places.

The M86 dome-shaped mirrors are suitable for installation near exits, at the end of ramps, at different levels of underground garages. They can be installed on the ceiling, the reflected image may not be perfect due to its deformation, but it is the best option. Take care to install the mirror in places where people won’t touch, hang or dis adjust them.

For indoor parking, keep more than 1 foot of clearance with the sprinklers. Do not go too low below the line of the sprinklers or the mirrors may be broken.

Convex mirrors are not very tolerant of extreme outdoor climates, as strong winds often disrupt the viewing angles. If you have to install them outdoors expect to have to readjust them regularly or replace them often.

If you would like more information on convex mirrors, please contact Sylprotec Inc. You can visit and see the mirrors at their store in Saint-Leonard or buy them online on their website. You will find personal protective equipment as well as fire protection, emergency lighting and more.

Sylvain Patrice f.p.t

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